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In the Orthopedics and Sports Traumatology Practice and Inpatient Unit of the KLINIK am RING, Cologne, you are examined by dedicated experts. The examination focuses initially on the most accurate diagnosis, which will then become the foundation for an optimal, individual treatment plan.

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Infections, complications, hospital-related infections (nosocomical infections), ect. are keywords that instill fear in an increasingly higher number of patients...


Infections, complications, hospital acquired infections, etc. are keywords that increasingly instill fears

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Our competence center uses an interdisciplinary approach to manage pain most optimally...



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Our practice relies on a strong expert team, adheres to high quality standards, and has a convincing performance statistic.



To better understand surgery

In our video store you will find useful information about orthopedic sports related conditions and injuries as well as the relevant surgeries.


Comprehensive expertise, accurate diagnosis

Orthopedics / Sports Traumatology
In the Orthopedics and Sports Traumatology Practice and Inpatient Unit of the KLINIK am RING, Cologne, you are examined and treated comprehensively by experienced and dedicated experts. The initial focus is on an accurate diagnosis, which then provides the basis for an optimal, individualized treatment planning.

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Cruciate Ligament

Even a simple injury such as falling or twisting, can cause the anterior cruciate ligament to overstretch and consequently tear. To learn more about the function of the cruciate ligament and the medical experts treating cruciate ligament injuries.

Torn Cruciate Ligament

A torn or sprained cruciate ligament (ACL) is one of the most common sports injuries. The optimum treatment by an expert can be decisive for a quick healing and recovery, allowing the injured person to return to normal sports activities without suffering permanent damage to the knee joint. To learn more about the consequences, diagnosis, and treatment of a torn cruciate ligament.

Shoulder Joint

Shoulder pain has become a common most widespread condition. The cause is often the so-called “impingement syndrome". Follow the link to find more information and links all around the shoulder joint.

Meniscus Tear

A meniscus tear belongs to the most common causes of knee pain. A timely diagnosis and optimal treatment are important prerequisites to prevent a permanent joint damage (osteoarthritis). Follow the link to learn more about the consequences, diagnosis and treatment of a meniscus tear.

Shoulder Pain

Due to changes in our leisure time activities as well as our higher expectations to remain active even in a mature age, painful conditions of the shoulder joint have become more common and are increasingly more focused upon by the experts. To learn more about the most common shoulder diseases and causes of shoulder pain.

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A Strong Expert Team

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Eight Orthopedic and Trauma Surgery Experts, 
Six Assistant Physicians, Six Surgical Nurses,
28 Medical Assistants, Service Staff,
and Administrative Staff 
are caring for your health at our practice.

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